Paz Garcia’s interest in telling stories began at an early age. First through music and illustration which later on led to her introduction to acting.

She found acting to be a much stronger medium for sharing the messages that deeply resonated with her.

It began in the island of Mallorca when she got her first commercial opportunities and in October of 2010 she moved to Barcelona to grow in this industry achieving outstanding success becoming the hero talent in international commercials for brands like Lays, Fiat, Breil, L’aróme and Isdin amongst others and got to work with Javier Bardem in a commercial for Liverpool, Mexico.

She has shared set with Eduardo Noriega in an episode of the catalonian tv show ‘Cites’ and Rosario Pardo in the tremendously awarded shortfilm ‘Hubo un Lugar’ as her daughter.

She won the Best Actress award in the Academy of Andalucia, Spain, for her performance in the shortfilm ‘Errarte en la Sombra’ in 2011 and did her first independent feature film ‘Las Aventuras de Jesús Maria Cristóbal Pequeño’ in 2012.

Her life and career took an important turn when she graduated from Meisner Technique-Program by Javier Galitó-Cava and moved to New York in 2016.

She continues her career between New York and Spain leading roles in the commercial industry in brands like Budweiser, Burlington, Aquaphor or Nutrafol and we can see her in industrial videos, films and short films as well as stage readings.

Paz’s most remarkable skills are singing, stage combat, contact dance, voice overs and illustration.

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